2016 Dyna Low Rider S

Fast Eddie

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A bit like Jerry, I was kinda anti Harley for a long time, being more of a ‘Limey Lightweight‘ kinda guy I knew Harley’s were overweight and slow etc, etc.

But I gradually started to come around, I rode a few rental Harley‘s whilst in the US and then eventually bought this 2016 Dyna Low Rider S.

I put longer Ohlins shocks on it, a better seat, tidied up the rear end, and fitted a Supertrapp Supermeg (plus its got the FP3 fuel pack).

Its now one of my favourite bikes, that 110” Screamin’ Eagle motor is just so addictive.

I also changed the stock tyres for Avon Cobra Chromes and they REALLY transformed the handling.

I‘ve had 3 sets of pipes on the thing so far. V&H slip ons, S&S Grand National 2:2 and the Supertrap. The S&S looks the most hot rod, but is too loud for me (If anyone is interested in buying the S&S system let me know).

With the Supertrap:

With the S&S… very Hot Rod:

Stock pipes with V&H slip ons, surprisingly good:

Jerry Doe

What a great looking Harley. When I stop touring (gonna be a while) I am going to sell mine and get something more like your bike.
Mine is 107 with the basic Screaming Eagle Kit. It sounds great and goes very well.