2016 RT Throttle Response / Clutch Issue?



Out on a 6 day trip through OR and WA last week. Riding along on HWY 97 went to pass a car. Was doing 65 MPH in 5th gear. I downshifted, applied throttle and went to pass. I was in forth gear when I started to pass. When I hit the throttle, the bike RPM dramatically increased, say 1K and the bike speed did not increase, it just sat there. After a second or two, the bike picks up speed and it sounds like the clutch started to finally engage and the RPM came down, the bike accelerated and I was able to pass. I'm like WTF. :dunno

My first thought was the clutch was slipping. Tried again, throttle, engine revs come way up, bike lags, finally bike gets going, RPMs come down and things equilibrate. It was the same in 3rd, 4th, and 5th. Don't recall testing 6th.

Interestingly, I was riding in DYNA mode at the time. I thought I'd switch to ROAD and test. Same issue.

I really thought I had a clutch slipping issue. But at 26,000 miles on the bike - does not make sense.

I ride about 100 miles, worried of the issue and getting home.

I stop for gas and head out. Issue is gone. I road another 150 miles over varied roads and never had the issue again.

I just had the bike in for its ~24K service. I had road 1200 miles on my trip with no issues until the last day.

I don't think its the clutch. May be ride by wire throttle issue? Or something to do with the integrated electronics for throttle, traction control, clutch blah blah blah?

I appreciate any thoughts you may have.