2017 R1200GS Rough Idle?



I bought the bike with 9600 miles earlier this year. Currently it has 10500 miles, a little ways from the 12k service. I have a 2013 F800GS for comparison so maybe it's my imagination. This is my first boxer. The idle on this bike is a bit rough it seems, not quite a Harley rough but more than I thought it would. My F800GS idle is smooth as silk. I am getting very paranoid that it could be the dreaded rocker/cam issue and I haven't yet opened the valve covers to check. The bike starts great, no hesitation. It's power and cruising on the road is perfect and mileage is what I expect it should be. I don't hear any loud clicking sounds like the YT videos of people who had the cam issue. No fault codes come up when scanning it with Motoscan. Any suggestions would be helpful, except taking it to the dealer is a pain since it's way out of the way and it's well out of warranty. I do like working on bikes but need some guidance on what else to check besides the cams. I was hoping to just wait until the 12k valve clearance check to open it up. Then again maybe it's just the nature of this engine? That's OK as it's not really that bad (I had a Harley some years back).