2018 GSA, Good buy?



Hey guys and gals,

I already have a 2016 K1600GTL and I love it. But, I am thinking about getting dirty.
I am looking at a 2018.5 R1200 GSA, it has all 3 BMW hard aluminum bags, Clearwater lights, digital dash, premium, and Nav VI.
The dealer is asking $16,999 out the door. It has 19,600 miles.

Is this a good deal, fair deal? It looks in decent shape from the pics. I am looking for a bike to get into adventure riding. I did motocross a long time ago, and my 30 years has been primarily road over 3 different continents. I have seen 2015 GSA's for $14,999 without the Clearwater lights, or gps, so I figure an extra 2 grand for newer model and digital dash.
Thanks guys!