2022 SDR EVO Engine failure



Hello all - wish I had a more positive first post to make, but I wanted to have a spot to share my experience(s) dealing with KTM regarding a recent engine failure on my '22 SuperDuke R EVO that I bought in May, now with 2100 miles on it.

While commuting by highway to work on 9/14, I felt a small surge and loss of power, looked down and "Low engine oil level" warning was on the display.
Immediately hit the kill switch, pulled in clutch and managed to play Frogger successfully to get to a...

2022 SDR EVO Engine failure


I'd be out of my mind livid.
This kind of stuff is indicative of engineering for performance, with reliability just barely hanging on. In other words, they (all makers) cheap out.
Sorry for the box of firecrackers.