660 brake lever swap - remove barrel/push rod assembly



Hi, probably a silly question but I wanted to be safe and double check.

I just bought the Evotech short levers (https://www.af1racing.com/evotech-pe...r-set-660s-v4s) for my RS 660. I've already swapped the clutch lever no problem, but when swapping the brake I noticed (as indicated on AF1's page) that the barrel and push rod assembly from the stock lever needs to be re-used.

I did not see any instructions from Evotech, either in the box or on their website, about how to remove it from the stock 660 levers. AF1 includes a link to a Pazzo Racing lever install on a Ducati, whose levers apparently include a guide for hammering this part out. It seems the Evotech and Pazzo levers are identical, but that the Evotech kit does not include a guide.
Instead, I have tried using a large drill bit to knock the bushing loose from the bottom, but I am hitting quite hard and nothing has budged. I want to verify that this is the correct procedure for the RS 660 brake lever before I do something stupid and damage my factory lever. :crowbar:

For reference: the part I'm trying to remove is circled in red, and the bushing I'm supposed to hammer is circled in green:

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