Bike stalls about 10 seconds after starting?



After changing all after it standing for four years, the fluids, I managed to get my 2005 factory going, but it ticks over fine after getting another valve for inside the airbox. But it stalls at the same time, if ticking over 10 seconds, and it is always the same time. If I am reving it, it will cut sooner, like it has low fuel pressure . It seams like fuel starvation. I did have trouble with the braided fuel line, and may have kinked it.
Could it be the above or does anyone has any other ideas.
It ticks over fine, and revs fine, and starts straight away from after stalling. The But still stops after a same time, it has no problem reving, so could it still be the fuel line?
All help would be greatly appreciated, thanks [emoji106]

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