Electrical Checks



Hi all, I read too many threads about stator, relay, starter and RR issues to keep things straight. My new to me bike is running well now that I've gone through and cleaned and applied dielectric grease to all the connectors I could easily get to. When I first got it the dash reset on me a couple times, but I think that was just loose battery and ground connections. That said, I did get a Mosfet regulator just in case. Last night I checked battery to ground at idle at 14.1, so that's good, but when I pulled the brown connector apart and tested voltage while running it was 11.8 to 12v on each pin. Shouldn't that be 20v on each or is that only checking the yellow wires with the connector fastened? I thought I was checking the stator output, but maybe I was chasing the wrong end? The plug from the RR read zero. Clearly I'm confused, please Halp. My brown connector looked good, the yellow wires weren't hot at all, so I just greased the connector and put it all back together. Don't fix it if it ain't broke or preventative fix known issues to keep from losing stators? Bike is awesome, really love the twin sound, power delivery and character and that stable chassis.