F750GS questions??




I've been on the airhead forum for awhile now.

I recently bought a used 2020 F750GS low suspension, with 1500 miles.

I've been riding a 2014 Triumph T100, as well as many 60's and 70's British twins, so naturally I tried the Triumph Tigers as well. The BMW was a better fit, plus it has more seat options. I bought a used BMW comfort seat on eBay, should be here today.

My questions are;

To lower the suspension, what was done?

Are these bikes cold natured, or do I just need to run the old fuel out of it? (Waiting for the replacement to the rock hard low seat).

The specs on the BMW website says this is a dry sump engine, if so why a dip stick that goes to a sump?

The specs don't say what the crank degree is, it feels like a 360 crank but doesn't sound like one?

I may be trying other seats. I could always buy used, then resell if I don't like them, but are there seats available that can be returned &/or exchanged?

That's it for now.

Thanks for all replies,