Fall Bighorn Loop 10-2-2022



The WEAX looked pretty suspect last night and the rider that was to accompany me bailed.

When I woke up this morning it looked like I might be able to thread my way through the showers and get home before the predicted late afternoon Thunderstorms.

I was on the road at about 0800 - I ran the route clockwise.

The slab to Gillette WY was pretty boring, gray and cool, low 50's and a little drizzle here and there.
Between Gillette and Buffalo WY, the temperature dropped to the mid 40's and there were patches of thick fog.


I slowed to 45-55 mph several times to be able to stop in the distance I could see. It was scary as there were idiots with no lights on passing me at speeds in excess of 80 mph. I tried to follow one pickup but soon chickened out as I couldn't keep his tail lights in sight and I was running 94.

I fueled and de-watered in Buffalo WY then set forth over one of my favorite roads, the aptly named Cloud Peak Skyway


The colors were better on the way to Ten Sleep than they were between Shell Canyon and Ranchester.

In no particular order here are a few pix






I stopped for sustenance and a warm-up at Ranchester, WY

Sorry no food porn but the coffee (Breve) and the Grilled Cheese/Tomato/Bacon Panini on a fresh Baked Chibatta were excellent.

More fuel in Sheridan and then a nice run across US 16 to Gillette.

Passing through Clearmont, WY one can't miss this elevator.

The Sheridan Flouring Mills were a major component of the economy of north central Wyoming, providing collection, storage and milling of locally produced wheat and other grains into flour and other milled products. The original mill was established by Captain Scott W. Snively in the early 1890s but closed in 1972. There are several identical structures along US 16 both East and West of Clearmont. None of the others are painted like this one is. Fields that used to grow wheat now grow hay and alfalfa.

As I left Gillette and got back on I-90 I could see the predicted Thunderstorms building to the East between me and Home!


I managed to beat the storms by about 15 minutes.


Official Mileage for the Day


Time moving


Time Stopped (Gas, dewatering, and Sustenance)


Average Speed - Time Moving - Easy to do this out West, I recognize it is much harder to maintain an average like this back East.

My rear tire is now used up and I'm pretty close to my next 12K service.
Pheasant Hunting starts next weekend so the Gray Ghost will likely sit for a while as I won't be home to ride her until mid-November.