Is a Mana a good value right now?



Specifically a 2011-2013 850 GT with the fairing. I'm basically a 'returning rider', i.e. it's been over a decade since I've ridden on a regular basis. I'm sold on not shifting (much) anymore, I don't care what other people think about this, it works for me šŸŒ

I'm riding again right now and getting my sea legs back on a small machine while I decide what to move up to in the next 6-9 months. I've been eyeing the Honda NC700x and NC750x DCT, and I also know that they're coming out with the Hornet any day now (not sure if it will get DCT), plus the big *what if* is the new Transalp that they will probably announce at EICMA(?). I've seen some spy shots of it and it looks right up my alley, especially if they'll offer it with DCT.

But the Mana got my attention back when they originally came out, unfortunately that's about the same time when I hung up my helmet. While there are none really near me, I'm still looking. They range from $3-4k for high miles up to about $5-10k for ones with around 5k miles or less. These are reasonable prices, but not being able to sit on one is kind of bad. Whereas I can find a Honda without much hassle to try out. Are any other Aprilia's similar in size/height/weight that might give me an idea if it'll be a good fit?