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I am hearing good things about these new Enfields. Has anybody got one that they would like to share reviews on?
I think it was back in the late 70s when they 1st became available again in the UK, my father in law bought one. I remember taking it for a ride and thinking how much fun it was. They seem to have gone from strength to strength after a slow start, selling like hot cakes I believe.
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Fast Eddie

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If by ‘new’ you mean the twins, I know a few people with them and I’ve yet to meet a disappointed owner.
The only owner who is kinda disappointed is unimpressed by their winter use hardiness. But he rode it all through a salty Brit winter without cleaning or protecting the bloody thing, so I’m not really sure what he expected ! It was his first bike with polished alloy and chrome, he was advised and warned, but preferred to ‘learn by experience’ !
In terms of having classic type fun, without breaking the bank and without the classic type hassles, they are great IMHO.
The main downsides in my mind are a) they are definitely built down to a price (hence they’re cheap) and b) they look much lighter than they are, it’d be nice to shed several kg.

Jerry Doe

Back in the day I owned a 250 Crusader and a 350 Bullet. I loved those bikes. I'll never forget riding around all over Essex to parties on my Enfield's. Always comfortable, loved these bikes, well for the British country side riding.