RS660 cuts out when doing a race start



Hi folks,

Just joined the forum as I've got a super annoying issue with my RS660 race bike. When doing a race start, if the revs are higher than around 7 or 8k rpm, when you release the clutch, the engine jerks or cuts out abruptly until it gets up to speed. It's almost like the AWC (wheelie control) is kicking in even though it's completely turned off. Although, it seems to do it even if the front wheel doesn't leave the ground. I also don't notice any cutouts once I'm up and running and get the front wheel up out of a tight corner. I'm running the Time Attack race mode with TC and AWC off...

Any ideas? I really need to get it sorted before the national championship starts here in NZ as not only does it make winning races a lot more difficult when I end up back in 6th into the first corner but it's pretty dangerous as well (I cringe every time waiting to be hit from behind).