signal lens gasket hack



I'm cheap as heII and this major resto already got me sinking down to hole in my pockets.

The signal lens gaskets are kindy spendy for what you get at 3~4 buck per.

I bought some silicone sponge CORD , about 3 mm diameter variety, got a couple meter roll for roughly the postage cost
( yes I order from Chyyy--nnna for the cheap stuff , ebay search term" Silicone Rubber Cord O Ring Cord White Seal Foamed Sponge " or like wise. )
Probably could have stuffed another mm or few diameter into the groove between the lens & body, and it would show more too.

I like the white band showing and there was a life time supply in the minimum order envelope. Play nice and I may have some to share on PM request.

The extra stuff also came in handy with the LED front headlight coversion ;
I have a JD Speaker led headlight ( jeep / humvee "gubbermint surplus" item ) unit that requires an adaptor ring to fit the BMW headlight shell and their original instructions / light / gasket / ring stack didnt work , so I hacked that TOO

bmw r100ssignal lens seal - 1.jpeg
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